Here at Hurston Dressage & Eventing, we can proudly say that we will ALWAYS, without fail, have a horse's best interests at heart. We will also ONLY ever sell happy, sound horses. Additionally, we will ALWAYS be 100% honest about horses with owners & potential buyers alike. If you have a problem, feel free to ask our advice - we will gladly help where help is wanted & our door is (quite literally!!) always open to those who care as deeply as we do about horse welfare.

We are working hard to make this little corner of the horse world more trustworthy & transparent.

Here are a few of the high quality horses we have recently sold:

'Dennis' - Sold to event                                     

Testimonial from Dennis' new owner, Carol Phillips:

 "It was such a relief to finally find a horse that was as described. Having been looking for nearly 6 months, I was starting to think my ideal horse wasn't out there for my budget, but Dennis has been everything that Ali said he was with no unpleasant 'surprises' when I got him home. He has completely rebuilt my confidence jumping and I'm really looking forward to getting out eventing with him."



 'Legs' - Sold to do dressage

Testimonial from Hannah Kirkhill (former 4* event rider), Legs' previous owner:

"Sending a horse away to be sold was a complete roll reversal  for me and I was very apprehensive (we all feel that no one can do as good a job as ourselves!). Ali has just the right mixture of professionalism and understanding of the horse world making her a pleasure to deal with and of course most importantly the horses happiness is of foremost importance to her. She found the perfect home for my mare and I would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone wanting any kind of livery."


'Leo' - Sold to do dressage

Testimonial from Miranda Beaufort:

"We are thrilled with Leo, he is a treasure and everything that you said he was, the most wonderful mind, very funny we are taking him slowly, Spencer (Wilton) likes him a lot, he does not bother with anything which is great for an old rider!"







              Cosmic Clover/ 'Cosmo' - Sold to event